Stump removal can be hard to do without the proper tools to get rid of it. A lot of people cut down trees as far down and they can go but are left with a stump that they can't get rid of. Our company can safely remove the stump and grind it with our machines. We take into consideration this is your home and yard and would like it to stay intact so we use as much care and caution as possible. In removing the stump we will also take the roots of the tree so that you have no further growth from the tree. We will grind the stump as far as 6" in the ground.

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Nobody like to just get rid of trees. They are an essential part of our life, actually they are the most important part due to the fact that the trees that surround us produce the oxygen that we need to breathe. So we have to use discretion when removing trees. There are times when trees need to be removed due to roots of trees causing extreme damage to underground pipes and foundation. At times they may need to be removed because the tree is dead. That is where our company can come in and remove and dispose of these trees for you.

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Do you have over grown trees? Are those trees to tall for you to be able to trim yourself? You could have dead or broken branches that need to be take out in order for your trees to grow properly. There is a specific way that trees need to be trimmed in order for the branches to grow properly and for the tree to stay healthy. We don't want the tops of the trees to get close to power lines either because that causes another danger for not only you and your family but also for those around you. We can trim and clean up your trees so they can grow healthy and not pose a risk to anyone around you.

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At J and W Tree Service we pride ourselves in being a family run business. There is over 20 years of experience within J and W Tree Service. From start to finish the job isn't done till you as the customer is satisfied with the results. If you would like a tree trimmed a little bit more or bushes pruned further away from the house we will still be there to do that for you. You as the customer make our business strive so your feedback and happiness in the job is what we are looking for in the long run. We are a licensed company and a member of the BBB in our area. We like to ask our customers for a testimonial on how we did when we are done because it is very important to us. We can remove any tree that you need removed. We will be on time and professional while we are on your property. Our pricing is reasonable and affordable so give us a call and we can get you a free estimate right away.